Herbalife Weight Loss Programmes*

Our programmes are based on the latest scientific research into healthy weight loss utilising cellular nutrition and the power of protein.

Shape Up Programme

This is Herbalife's basic herbal weight loss programme, designed to provide you with nutritious meal replacement shakes as well as your vitamin and mineral requirements.

QuickStart Programme

Designed to transform your diet to a simpler, healthier alternative, which allows you to gain control of your calories while improving physical energy.

Advanced Programme

The Advanced Programme speeds your progress with the addition of Instant Herbal Beverage.

Ultimate Programme

Herbalife's Ultimate Programme contains a complete range of products to maximise your weight loss results.

Why Should I Choose a Herbalife Weight Loss Programme?

There are literally hundreds of weight loss programmes. Why Herbalife?


Which Herbalife Weight Loss Programme is the Best One for Me?

All Herbalife weight loss programmes are based on healthy meal replacement. That is why the Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix and Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex are included in every single program. These are Herbalife's core products.

In order to lose weight you simply replace two meals a day with a healthy Herbalife shake, and your third meal is a regular but healthy meal.

There are two main branches of Herbalife Weight Loss Programs. They are both based on high-nutrition meal replacement shakes, but are different in a few important aspects.

Herbalife Original Weight Loss Programmes are the Shape Up, QuickStart, Advanced and Ultimate. These are the mainstream programs that the majority of people would choose to use. Which program you use depends on how fast you want to lose the weight and on your budget. The more expensive programs do get the job done more quickly as well as providing additional health and energy benefits.

The Advanced Program is a popular choice. The inclusion of the fat-burining herbal beverage definitely speeds the whole process along.

Herbalife Protein Plus Programmes are based on Herbalife's latest advanced research into the importance of protein for weight loss. They contain fewer supplement pills than the original programs and focus more on high protein shakes. They are designed specifically to help with 'hunger control'. These programmes are the Protein Plus Starter and Protein Plus Foundation.

If you need help in your program choice feel free to email me via our contact page.

*Individual results will vary.